Soft Skills & Customer Service Training Presentation

LEARNERS: "Soft Skills Training Presentation"

Presented by Dr. Pattie Gibson, Author/Trainer



  • Learners in STEM and other occupations, apprenticeships, internships, and in corporate classrooms



Material for presentation adapted directly from Dr. Gibson’s Learning Book:

  • “Soft Skills in Demand – For 2020 Career Readiness” (book included)



  • Customer Service Soft Skills

    • The Customer Experience, The Importance of Serving Customers Well, Emotional Intelligence

  • Communication Soft Skills

    • Verbal Communication, Active Listening, Nonverbal Communication, Written Communication

  • Organizational & Leadership Soft Skills

    • Project Management, Creative Critical Thinking, Relationship Building, The Work Ethic

  • Interpersonal Soft Skills

    • Problem Solving, Team Building/Teamwork, Negotiation, Collaboration

  • Self-Management Soft Skills

    • Time Management, Stress Management, Professional Awareness

Consulting and training in Soft Skills and Customer Service provides companies and non-profits ways to improve their organizational health enabling them to advance to a more successful relationship with customers.


Note:  The above training outline can be adapted and customized to your organizational needs.

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