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Soft Skills & Customer Service Training Presentation

"The Power of Service Delivered Well”

Presented by Dr. Pattie Gibson, Author/Trainer



  • Trainers, Team Leaders, Managers and Supervisors

  • Workers in STEM and other occupations, apprenticeships, internships, and in corporate classrooms



Material for presentation adapted directly from Dr. Gibson’s Learning Books:

  • “Soft Skills in Demand – For 2020 Career Readiness” (book included)

  • “The World of Customer Service”


The “Power of Service Delivered Well” Topics:

Exemplary Service when combined with knowledgeable Soft Skills has “Power." The service well-delivered creates and maintains a loyal customer base and promotes the longevity of any organization. Customers don’t become dissatisfied because of problems; they become dissatisfied with the way problems are handled.  That is to say, putting the wrong attitude in front of a customer is ineffective and bears enormous costs, especially when considering the loss of a customer’s lifetime value to the organization. 


Training Outline Example:

  • Factors that Impact a Customer’s Perception of Service

    • Customer types and their service needs

    • Exceptional customer service

    • First impressions count

    • Customer turnoffs

  • Service Skills that Promote Loyalty

    • Attitude and personal approach with customers

    • Handling of service complaints effectively

    • Apply smart customer retention strategies

  • The Service Professional’s Efficiency

    • Executes soft skills well

    • Uses time skillfully

    • Manages stress well

  • Teamwork, Listening & Nonverbal Communication

    • Teamwork essentials

    • Customer-focused listening

    • Nonverbal communication

    • Etiquette, manners, and dress

Consulting and training in Soft Skills and Customer Service provides companies and non-profits ways to improve their organizational health enabling them to advance to a more successful relationship with customers.


Note:  The above training outline can be adapted and customized to your organizational needs.

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