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for 2020 Career Readiness

ISBN 9781732730304

The “Skills Gap” is real in today’s customer-oriented workplace. While technical or hard skills will differ by job description and industry, there are some universal soft skills that everyone needs to do well in order to succeed in their chosen careers. These skills include all aspects of the work setting—completing projects as promised, showing up to work on time, being kind to others, listening well, and solving problems in a timely, fair and effective manner, among others.

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The World of Customer Service

ISBN 978-0840064240

Master the exceptional customer service skills that are most important in all types of organizations today with the powerful, practical presentation in THE WORLD OF CUSTOMER SERVICE, 3rd Edition. This book demonstrates how effective customer services techniques can help readers and their organizations achieve critical goals, deal with problems and complaints, consistently exceed customer expectations, and create loyal customers. Readers focus on the strategies most important in customer service today with insights and memorable examples from practicing professionals. 

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Administrative Office Management

ISBN 978-0538438575

Administrative Office Management continues to provide students with the most up-to-date information reflecting contemporary management thinking, issues, and trends that every office employee needs to know. The text provides a strong management-based background while utilizing a humanistic approach for managing and supervising staff in an office environment.

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Office Skills

ISBN 978-0538434850

Office Skills provides up-to-date, real-life, and valuable information for the office of tomorrow with an emphasis on practical applications, everyday skills and the knowledge needed to be successful. The text presents an overview of technological skills and examines attitudes and human relationships, highlighting the "people skills" vital to a successful career.